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A brand which celebrates everyone’s uniqueness, talents, and love. A brand that fights for equality and diversity 365 days a year, leaving stereotypes at the door and ignoring the expectations that society pushes on individuals. OUT Cosmetics is more than just a makeup brand, it’s about promoting self-love and accepting yourself unapologetically. Be Unique. Be Proud. Be You.

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cruelty free makeup
We never want to harm animals. Animals are there to be loved and cuddled. We're also 100% vegan and are trying to minimise plastic use everyday! 
OUT Cosmetics
All of our products are tested in great detail and produced with the highest of quality ingredients, in a safe and secure environment.
Our brand mission is about promoting and supporting equality and self-love in all forms. We want to be more than a makeup brand. We want to inspire and motivate those to live their true authentic self in an unapologetic way.