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Introducing a brand which celebrates bright colour, individuality and all forms of equality. Inspired by the love and vibrance within the LGBTQ+ community.

100% Cruelty-Free

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Aqua Liners - Our new bundle containing all 4 of our Aqua liners. Including Frost, Onyx, Marine, and Sunrise at a discounted rate.

Water-activated cake eyeliner makeup product. Perfect for creating striking eyeliner to the lashline or to be used in face/body art. Richly pigmented to achieve bold, vibrant looks. These versatile water-activated liners allow you get the desired pigment payoff with ease whilst allowing you to have fun and get creative.

Key points:
・Smudge proof
・Pigment formulation
・Cruelty free
・Vegan friendly


Apply with a wet makeup brush or spray the product directly with water (2-4 sprays) before mixing the brush into the formular and watch the colour come to life!

Net Weight 10g