Bright Colourful Mirrored Eyeshadow Palette
Person holding the colourful eyeshadow palette
12 shade bright & matte eyeshadow palette display
Ingredients list of the eyeshadow palette Inspired by LGBTQ+

One Love Eyeshadow Palette

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Introducing a brand which celebrates bright colour, individuality and all forms of equality. Inspired by the love and vibrance within the LGBTQ+ community.

100% Cruelty-Free

Unique – A deep red matte eyeshadow perfect for creating a bold look full of drama and fire and can be paired well with any of the other shades from this colourful eyeshadow palette.

Pride – A orange bright matte eyeshadow which makes a beautiful crease or transition colour to create a warm toned eyeshadow look.

Worthy –  The suns out all year round! A sunny yellow matte eyeshadow shade, demonstrating this colourful eyeshadow palette to the max.

Happy – Into the jungle of happiness we go. A versatile, forest green shade which is perfect when creating a range of bright colour eyeshadow looks from heavy evening makeup to a pop of colour.

Adored – A true, rustic red metallic shade. Allow this striking, bright eyeshadow to do the talking for you.

Bold – A velvety copper bright eyeshadow featuring shifts of browns and oranges to create this bold and pigmented eyeshadow shade.

Unapologetic – The name says it all. A pure yellow, golden eyeshadow colour ready to be the star and lighten even the darkest nights.

Empowered – A warm, colourful green shimmer eyeshadow with golden pearl undertones. Ready to recharge and empower.

Kissable – Mysterious and exotic wine matte eyeshadow. This seductive purple is ready to help you release your ultra-ego.

Unstoppable – Enough is enough. Time to take a swim with this deep, ocean blue shimmer eyeshadow. Packed with blue pearl shifts that will make anyone want to take a dive.

Loved – Something magical is happening in the air… A fun, shimmery purple eyeshadow making anyone fall under your love spell.

Confident – Be calm, collective and confident. A calming matte blue eyeshadow.